Friday, June 15, 2012

6/7/12 Session 5: Creating Digital Stories in E-portfolios using web-based and mobile tools (Helen Barrett)

This session was exciting and overwhelming. I am a bit anxious over the technicalities of producing a digital story. I am really only familiar with Windows Movie Maker, Photo story, and Audacity. There are so many other programs to use out there. To make it further complicated, many of the ones I heard about were for IPads; I have an Android Tablet. I decided that there is nothing wrong with using what my students and I are comfortable with. I also have to remember that I do not have to be an expert at the technology; my students and I will learn the technologies together, like I already do anyway. I do feel like I learned the basics of what Helen had to say. I do have a starting point, even though it may take me awhile to get where she is. I am considering doing a digital story for each of the genres of writing that I teach.

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  1. I would love to be able to create e-portfolios. I had a training session using movie maker two years ago but never really implemented it in my classroom. I feel that eportfolios would be applicable to many subject areas. I plan to investigate this further. It sounds like you have some familiarity with the general topic and a good base to buld on. Good luck!