Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Born Digital

What in the book resonated with you? 
There are several things that resonated with me.To begin,  It is alarming that this generation of children are accumulating such a massive digital footprint.  I know that I have spoken to my students about being careful of what they post, but I didn't realize the impact that this footprint leaves behind. I think that there need to be more public service announcements made to the general public regarding this issue, not to alarm, but just simply to inform. I didn't realize how so much could be collected about me because of all the ways that I am connected. I rely on technology a good bit. This book really stressed the importance of teachers in guiding kids through to educate them of the ways to use technology appropriately. I thought it was interesting when the author stated that there hasn't been a generation to go through this yet so that we will know the impact that all of this has on them; basically we are all navigating it together. Another point that "stepped on my own toes" is when it discussed why people make some of the mistakes with technology regarding copyright and piracy. Some just really don't know, so they just do what they think or feel instead. I felt a bit uncomfortable in my knowledge regarding this. I feel that I only know the bare minimum. I obviously have lots more to learn so that I can convey these appropriate ways of using technology respectfully.

How does it change the perspective of the students you interact with?
I think it affirms for me that I need to continue to be open to learning from my students. They are the experts in the technology as far as how to use it. I can't approach this from the standpoint that I am the "giver of knowledge". I actually gave most of that idea up several years ago regarding technology. Students are so willing to teach us. However, it is going to be so important for me to really teach about Digital Citizenship. It is going to be a part of all that we do, not just a lesson here, and a lesson there. It may be the case also that we will need to teach our colleagues as well. I also think that I will incorporate using our media specialist a bit more; they seem to be really current on copyright and issues regarding appropriate use of technology.
I am excited to be a part of this. I think that at first, I felt as though technology was going to replace the need for a teacher; that's not true. We are still a very important component. 

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