Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SC Midlands Summit 6/6/12: Keynote Speaker

     I enjoyed today's keynote speaker, Jamie Casap. I felt really energized and inspired about what he shared. The content of his message affirms that we are heading in the right direction with the focus of emphasizing skills needed for the 21st century: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, analyzing information, and problem solving. This message really brought to light the ways that technology has changed all aspects of our lives and that our children really do learn differently than we do. I hadn't really stopped to realize how the use of the Internet has condensed our world; I really had only focused on the connectivity and availability.

    I made some personal connections as well. I really need to encourage both of my children to continue to excel in math and science since most future jobs will require these. Even though I am very excited about all of the technology, it feels very overwhelming to "keep up". I am thankful to be in a profession that keeps abreast of technology. I think that the digital divide will continue to grow with people that are resistant to technology and its constant changes. Will we get to a point that they will not be able to function in their world at all?

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  1. When you mentioned that digital divide, it made me think about my ESOL students and others who live in poverty. Many of my kids don't have Internet access at home, so the fact that they will each have a chromebook won't be helpful to them when it's time to complete homework or long-term projects. I worry about them getting left behind. My first thought is to provide after school tutoring so that they have supervision to continue working at school; however this will still exclude those whose parents don't have transportation or who are unable to pick them up because of their work schedules. We'll have to be creative in solving these sorts of problems, many of which I'm sure we're not even aware of at this point.