Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Session 1: Midlands Summit 6/6/12

No More Red Ink: Using Digital Tools to Assess Students (Tami Lenker)
I enjoyed this session and found it very informative and useful. I do think that I will try some of the tools that were shared to find which ones would help me the most with assessment. Overall, I feel that the tools that I will choose to use will be the ones that are easiest to learn and the most reliable. There was one that required you to have a web-cam. I just really don't have that kind of time to spend at this point.  Some of the simpler ones mentioned that I will investigate and try are:, yacapaca, essay grader, and grade rubric. I already knew about Socrative; I will give it another try in my classroom since this presenter really likes it.

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