Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Session 4: Midlands Summit 6/6/12

Classroom Management in a 1:1 Environment (Jeff Layman)
     I really liked this speaker; he is very positive and upbeat. I agree with many of his philosophies of teaching and learning. He really emphasized having procedures in place and practicing them. I will just need to look at what I already have in place and adapt those to the 1:1 setting.  He addressed many of the issues that those of us in a 1:1 environment have already struggled with ( students being off-task). He emphasizes giving students choice and trust, both of which I agree with and model in my classroom. He advises that we will be better off redirecting our students when off-task rather than fussing or removing the device. He encouraged us to make sure that behaviors and consequences match up so that students will be less likely to engage in the unwanted behavior. The design of your room is equally as important; many set ups were shown. I felt very affirmed in the ways that I handle situations, students, and design because of this presentation. I am surely going to get a presentation mouse so that I move about my room more freely.


  1. Procedures is one of your strengths as well.

  2. I have never taught in a 1:1 environment but I will be implementing it this year since our students will be getting iPads. This will be new experience for me. I enjoyed this session and I thought he gave some good suggestions. I'm glad to see affirmation of this from someone who has worked in this environment.